9 Inch Tablet – Best Device for Amazing Viewing Experience

chinavasionI have been crazy about electronic gadgets since childhood. The new electronic products in the market always fascinated me. I have always had a keen interest in knowing about new products being launched in the market and their features. I always wanted to buy a tablet. I already had a smart-phone but its small screen size was not at all ideal for watching movies and playing games. This is when I went online looking for virtual stores which sell cheap tablets.

My way of spending weekends is to go on a movie marathon. I start watching movies on Saturday evening and it continues till next morning. My best friend is also crazy about movies and we keep watching them throughout the night on weekends. We used to watch films on laptop earlier but found it to be too big. A phone was too small for both of us to watch together. This is when we decided to purchase a tablet.

On searching online, I found a wide range of digital devices from numerous brands but they all seemed to be quite expensive. We could not afford so much. Nonetheless, we were very keen on purchasing one. This is when we came across an online China wholesaler that offered a huge collection of these devices at low prices. These are non-branded ones but have almost all the features which you get in branded ones. They are worth every penny. They last for a long time. These are high quality electronic products which you can easily rely on.

There were many sizes of tablets offered by the wholesaler which left us baffled. We wanted to opt for a bigger one as our main motive was to watch movies and play games. We did not want to carry it outside home. Obviously, it made sense to go for a larger one.

The wholesaler offered a wide range of 9 inch tablet. This device has a bigger screen and provides high resolution. The highlight of the product is that it is light, slim and portable. It has the best touch panel technology making navigation a pleasant experience. It has a better pixel count, higher resolutions and better color depths than the small screen models. It is a 3G enabled device which allows users to have high speed internet experience. It has a bigger case and can accommodate large batteries. It has longer operating time letting you use them for long. You also get warranty for every product you buy on this online store.

We wondered if we could still go for larger size. After browsing through all the sizes available, we opted for 10 inch tablet. It comes with large screen and provides an amazing viewer experience. It is so much fun to watch movies on this device. It does not require much storage space like laptop. Being light weight, it is convenient to carry this product to any place.

I am happy to have stumbled upon this website which sells high quality products at wholesale prices.


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